Welcome into FCR world!

Welcome into FCR world. This is your first entry to FCR world. It’s a short name of the FlameChess Robotic competation, a not-for-profit STEM engagement program for kids worldwide, More Than Robots. The funder Dejun Yuan, flamechess inventor,?hope every kids who like chess all can got a best coach.

as the 1st program in UPfuture.org, just the reason, the website domain registed at 2013/12/14, that day Flaming Mountain Junior Chess Team 1st big show in BEIJING, 10 kids player were divided into 2 teams with 2 grand chess master, play a fun game using dice to play chess for the sweet cake. (see: http://flamechess.cn/?p=54)

SportAccord News – December 14, 2013
World Mind Games Beijing 2013 Day 3
CHESS NEWS BLOG: chessblog.com
SportAccord World Mind Games Chess Blitz: Gunina, Aronian Lead on Day 1

The Flamechess culture trip will start the new beginning – 25/03/2014
Then, flamechess was invited to Danmark CPH as a culure trip, leave the fun game to danish kids. This was 2014/3/23. After 1 year, 2014/12/14, a 5 meters high chess tower called flamechess gift tower was stand at the same place. the SPORTACCORD director was hope the flamechess got one millons as soon as posible.
Invitation to chase your dreams – December 12,2014
volunteers build chess tower to set the world record – December 12,2014

2014newspaperPhoto : Vianney THIBAUTflamechess tower

The CJMaker.net was build for BEIJING ACADAMY junior maker group. These 12-13 years kids old have a target “Make themselves hopes become true.” and share the hopes growing up. One of the hope was their teacher Mr.Yuan’s flamechess gift tower build faster as faster, and let the million of flamechess come ture. After half year, 1 tower 6.6 meters high was standing at BEIJING ACADAMY, build it just 1 hour by 20 kids. After the event all meterials be seprated into thousands of flamechess. this was in 2015.

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In 2016, build a 5 meter high flamechess gift tower just need 3 hours less than 5 kids. The same students do the 6 towers at BEIJING ACADAMY, 6 junior teams came from beijing to do that. And a whole board chess with 32 pieces, 1 meter high pieces, be build by ZGC 2nd primary school. And this year, Electric chess board – CLOUD CHESS BOARD was designed for kids player chess training, at the same time FLAMECHESS ROBOT be designed for detecting the electric board. The robot also was visit to Danmark. At the end of year, the robot got 2 arms can play with kids, all the project were opensource at CHESSduino. that’s the FCR starting… There’ll have more and more “and… then…” at future, be created by the future’s kids, our future.


News Updating: _________                ( Mar.15 2017 )


. The Event of FCR invitation 2017 DK was very successfully at Mar.8 2017 in CPH. After the Event we got more gains and announced FCR union – the new Network around FlameChess and Robotic system. pls view the details.

Mar.15 2017
Mr. Dejun Yuan, the Founder of
FCR union & FlameChess.

Wellcome to join us, FCR union!

Connect KIDs, Connect Future !
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