FCR invitation 2017 DK

 —-  FlameChess Robotic invitation 2017 in Danmark

. Københavnsmesterskab for skoleskakhold 2017 will be the first FCR invitation organizer who was the KPH OPEN organizer – KPH SKOLESKAK that’s the first time the FlameChess be invitated to visit DK at 2015/3/25. That’s very pleased to announce the competition rules here. (Simplified Chinese version will attached later).


  1. SKOLESKAK.dk, Flamechess.cn jointly organized
  2. time and venue:
    Onsdag D. 8 marts kl. 10-15 (2017/3/8 10:00am – 15:00pm) in
    I Medborgersalen Hvidovre Hovedbibliotek, Hvidovrevej 280, ved
  3. schedule attached: after the event, KPH OPEN organizer will add on a FCR invitation exhibition match.


  1. The group games with 5 players. The two teams take turns playing chess, pieces moves by different players.
  2. Each team 10 minutes, checkmate win the game.
  3. no team to checkmate, sum of the pieces points the team got in the game (team score) is declared the winner, the King Queen Rook kNight Bishop Pawn points was 10,9,5,3,3,1.
    (checkmate score is totals 10+9+ (5+3+3) *2+1*8 = 49,
    Promotion pieces using the new points to caculate scores)
  4. Each team has 1 adult coaches to assist the game include to help beginner player who was the 1st time to play chess.
  5. Exhibition match, aims to promote chess, increase players interest.
  6. Reference to the “2015 flame chess Invitational Competition Rules” to organized competition, Arbiter: Dejun Yuan (inventor of the flamechess, founder of Flaming Mountains junior chess team.)


flamechess tower  wKhpBlV-X7CAIVeZAAQuEB7XJzw654.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X-OAWzdrAADPzcRvZwk897.jpg!T800x600

  1. The winner Honor: Flamechess Gift Tower cup commemorative photo, And get the same numbers of flamechess DIY suit according to team score.
  2. All participants: 3D printed flamechess gift tower memorial photos for each team, 1 sets of the latest version of the flamechess (chess, Chinese chess, SudokuGo, three in one set) for each player.
    – All teams get the same flamechess DIY suit.
    (All sponsored DIY kit allocated to the team according to the proportion how many scores of each team were earned.)


  1. Flamechess double chess version with flat pieces
    (diameter 28mm drum shape, thick 1cm),
  2. the standard small chessboard 35cm with the coordinates,
    (black and white block size 38mm.)


  1. demonstration robot system
    – Flame chess robot cloud chess board,
    & mechanical arm enhancements version (shown below)
  2. addition 6 secends for each pieces move of robot arm:
    current demonstration robotic systems are not completely independent system need human players help, include: chess play decision, pieces moves, adapter chess board etc. This competition, the decision by the human players, only in the way of moving pieces are different, one side by the robot arm to move the piece, the other side using human hand to move the pieces. Therefore, each time to move pieces using robot arm need addition 6 seconds. Before the game, the two teams guess first, select the robot system.

 SPONSORSHIP and Others:

  1. This competition prizes , sponsored by the Flaming Mountains junior chess team, the demonstration robot system was the team training system.
  2. This event will also invite the worldwild chess robot system manufacturers and group or makers to send system for demonstrate.

this event allready finished, more news will released
by FCR union (pls. view the announcement.)

Start of FCR invitaion, Rules of 1st FlameChess invitation released.

wKhpB1V-X6uAe8svAAZEM93na9U362.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X7aAF5zLAAXD2JWalUQ321.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X8GAYTKYAAZHvBZLc1g100.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X82AK7RMAAV5Koqyj8M992.jpg!T800x600
wKhpBlV-X7yAC7ErAAZXZiWYIXU872.jpg!T800x600 wKhpBlV-X96AEfMHAATJm54I-hA261.jpg!T800x600 wKhpBlV-X-mAatf6AAdeBWy2He4383.jpg!T800x600  “friendship 1st, competion 2nd.”
.        > FLAMEchess.cn reported.
in first Flamechess invitation of Beijing junior and primary schools.

wKhpB1V-X-OAWzdrAADPzcRvZwk897.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-YceAFbOAAAQYnVOlTbc201.jpg!T800x600 wKhpBlV-X7CAIVeZAAQuEB7XJzw654.jpg!T800x600 wKhpB1V-X-6AAgWKAAaCSRkOXkg449.jpg!T800x600 wKhpBlV-X9OAD13OAAirgVcHR40022.jpg!T800x600
( from: http://www.qipai.org.cn/photo-41596.html )
June 15th, 2015

All comments of above pics:

  •  ”5 kids a team, group game, play game 1 by 1.”
  •  ”every kids got a volunteer paper as a recorder how many chess pieces they donated, amount as that they just got at game.”
  •  ”parents volunter as judgement to help coach”
  •  ”Recognition of parents volunteers, issued certificates in front of their children”
  •  ”Chessboard made using color cardboard, paper brick chess pieces using materials from flamechess tower. The kids player lined up to take turns play the chess.”
  •  ”One big picture with all kids parents volunters and coachs”
    “boys team was so exciting.”
  •  ”Invitation cup – flamechess tower – come from the junior maker event at BJ acadamy just 1 day before.”
  •  ”all gifts from the invitation, one is small flamechess gift tower in frame.”
  •  ”Invitation cup – flamechess tower – come from the junior maker event at BJ acadamy just 1 day before.”
  •  ”For kids players, prepared 200 cookies shaped like flamechess symbol. Each kids has 2 chance to get 1 cookie. The first time to eat the chess piece, and they are willing to share the 1st cookie to their parents or coach.”
  •  ”A flamechess tower trophy awarded the school with largest donation of chess pieces. It’ll be used for flamechess promotion. Take photo with 20 high school students volunters, who help to maintain order and guide kids and parents to the invitation.”
  •  ”Interview a kid player and his friend.”
  •  ”girls team was so cute.”

FlameChessInvitationRules.pdf released here at Feb 2nd, 2017.


. ~ . ~ next mention about FCR invitaion ~ . ~ .

How to Start the FCR invitaion
.     to inviting chess Robot maker to join the events.

. Chess is most popular in worldwide, some of maker also like to play and build robots to play chess, but mostly for fun, just as a demonstration. FCR wants to build a platform for these enthusiasts, together to achieve a goal, through the robots show to improve kids interest in chess. And in the events communication to improve the robot’s function, in order to achieve the ability of robot assisted training. This is not a product development, is just a STEM engagement program for junior maker to participate in the training of their ability and cleverness. Predecessors already owned a chess robot will be an good examples to kids. Let us to support the children’s growth (UP) together.

How to Play in FCR invitaion
.     playing with kids and robots can play each other.

  •  Man vs Robot is the standard model of a chess robot. FCR’s goal is the kids, the players of the game of course is the kids and robots.
  •  The robot can play chess without human intervention will be the development goal of chess robot, Robot vs Robot is the best way.
  •  The state of the middle is existing human intervention in Man vs Robot and Robot vs Robot.

The rules of FCR:

 According to the chess rules, the robot will be treated in different levels as human player. According to the degree of manual intervention, the balance of the game need to be changed.

 There are several typical interventions:

  • no visual robot need human help to input chess move.
  • chess pieces move have deviation, need human to correct for next move.
  • the robot have no reply, replaced by human play.

( The main topics discussed here are humanoid robots, which use the traditional chess board and chess pieces that are consistent with the human habit, and not discuss interacting on a computer screen or pads. )

Who can support UP the FCR invitaion EVENTs

.     Association & clubs of Mindgame (not only chess)
.       who can organize chess plays for kids.

.     MAKERs persenal, college & education institutions, any org
.       who can build a chess robot.

( Any events need kids to play, need workspace to setup equipments and robots, we need chess play organizer to support us. the chess ROBOT are main actors to play with kids. Also need sponsors and other helper to support us. Why use ‘UP’? all supporter’s reason are for the kids growth UP. up the kids, up the future.)