FCR UNION announcement: Connect KIDs , Connect Future !

“Connect KIDs bewteen DK and CN.”

Mar.7 2017
Mads Jacobsen, Generalsekretær
of Dansk Skoleskak

. That’s the mission of FCR union. Mr. Jacobsen said before FCR invitation 2017. the Event was successful. Hundreds of dannish kids, parents and teachers witnessed how the robot system was helping teachers and kids happy to interactive.
. After the Event Mar.8 2017, the Founder of FCR invitation & Flamechess, Mr. Dejun Yuan was shared some pics and words to sighed with emotion.

 IMG_20170308_123147 IMG_20170308_152733
. Using the first picture to finish today’s trip, and finally in same bus, respectively, Through the bus window, not willing to. Because the red dress little girl love me, to look in me and robot at each intermittent. the most heartbreaking is: she told me, love me, I can made robot, what great. She let me know with a hug She’s realy love me. Reminds me my daughter are waiting for daddy hug [tears].
. Too many surprises. Not much to say, back to Beijing and then showing. Look at Danish teachers how to Escort the children taking the subway, what so hard work the teachers does.

. My old friend, Mr. Anderson, has to organize 80 kids to game everyweek, more than 20 schools. Selected 7 teams to join the event, he’s really love chess. Always see him riding danish bicycle with his chess, sent into the community. Now think, Are China’s neighborhood the same community? ( 18:26pm )
. the different people in there, Come on to visit denmark to feel all that… [sun sun sun sun sun] (although it is raining outside.) see you Beijing.

What great you did
, A cultural envoy you are, Mr.Yuan!

Mar, 8 2017 19:42pm
deanna shang, Trade Executive
of Scandinavian Tourist Board (STB)

. That’s the best honer I got from this trip, the third years to visit danmark. Just like the first time to visit KPH open Mar.25 2014. And Before that event I got the biggest encouragement from Mr.Li.

page01 page02 page03 page04
( the words released on FlameChessIII.pdf before FCR invitation 2017. )

Benefit intelligence, happiness play, spread love
, I wish the seeds of Flamechess gains more full plump fruit.

Mar.24 2014
Mr. JinSheng. Li, Cultural counsellor
of Chinese Embassy in Denmark

 Announcement of FCR union:

    • It’s not only a STEM program, But also a CULTRUAL program about kids. Not only DK & CK, But also for kids worldwide.
    • the Event of FCR invitation 2017 was successfully. We got the mission “Connect KIDs“, it’s the key to “Connect Future“. UP the kids is UP the future. We can unite more power to create a better tomorrow for our children and for our future.
    • the FlameChessFlameChess Robotic system all were tools.
      The union, the efforts, all related about it, will be proved that the direction of the future was correct, more and more better.

 The Event got 2 gains:


  1. Show How to play flamechess with DICE.
  2. Show How to play flamedoku 4×4 Level
    ( kindergarden kids play 3×3 level. )
  3. Replace DICE with Flamedoku, more challenge.
    ( Honers in the FlameChessIII gift boxes. )

  1. turn all numbers over can’t saw what number is it.
  2. The mission is let the children guess numbers,
    guess wrong will stop move one time or move king.
  3. Using the correct number to move pieces.
  4. First 6 number not need to check right or wrong,
    move pieces directly like throw dice.

    This is the Simplest Description of  “How to
    . Replace FlameChess DICE using Flamedoku.”


    replacement with number of 1359
    , on behalf of Pawn, kNight, Rook, Queen.


Efforts to build robot strong physical, ARM and Eyes


. UR robotic enginers; Found gobang Robotic workstation; FlameChess robotic system got expert suggestions about Flamechess Robotic system Educatonal functions.

The Newest Study program with Flamechess Robotic system :


  1. College Students design Robotic system.
  2. Junior and High school programm the Robot for mindgames. (scratch boy.)
  3. Primary school and kindergarden kids play mindgames.
  • Let the Robot can understand KIDs’ eyes.

IMG_20170222_223105_800 bestcoach800 

  1. Release KIDs’ doku with Eye tracking Analysis.
  2. Visit the Eye Tirbe when FCR invitation DK 2017.

. “I can do nothing, We sold, We are developing VR now.” repeat and repeat many times said the Danish guy, one of Eye Tribe team member (team photo came form it’s homepage. ) The green T-shirt college student come from ITU of University CPH.

How does FCR union works

  • the union is NETWORKs around FlameChess & FCRobotic system.
  • Get more MEMBERs joining us,  Sharing Flamechess Story.
  • New Application Scenarios DESIGN for members are Main job,
    Sharing the new SUCCESS to member list also.
  • Connect More KIDs to EFFECT them.
  • Support KIDs to ENJOY life and focus Future.

Target the Mission:

“Connect KIDs , Connect Future !”


Mar.15 2017
Mr. Dejun Yuan, the Founder of
FCR union & FlameChess.

additional info of FCR invitation 2017 DK

. Mar.3, 2017, before the FCR invitation 2017 DK, one Junior chess team at Qinglong, HeBei province in China practiced the games and the chess robotic system also had its first testing with kids. (see detail on: Let FlameDoku help kids Out of the mountains.)


(the gifts of honers for DK kids was shown.)

 ADDing FlameDoku method to replace piece move selection.

. normally which piece to move next was decided by player themself. But adding FlameDoku method, select the number on sudodu board to decide which piece will be move. player must soloved the sudoku correct first, if not they’ll pause the move one time or move the King.

. At real game, we’ll using level 4×4 sudoku. There’re 4 digital be used 1,3,5,9. When select them Pawn, Bishop/kNight, Rook, Queen will be moved next.

(Qinglong junior team training, using robot to record. )

(Using newest Flamechess set with chinese symbols)

 CHESS ROBOTIC SYSTEM building the sudoku board.

(pics from: FlameDoku 4×4 level robot play demo.)

 OPEN SOURCE the chess robotic system to github
.     https://github.com/CHESSduino/ChessArm