additional info of FCR invitation 2017 DK

. Mar.3, 2017, before the FCR invitation 2017 DK, one Junior chess team at Qinglong, HeBei province in China practiced the games and the chess robotic system also had its first testing with kids. (see detail on: Let FlameDoku help kids Out of the mountains.)


(the gifts of honers for DK kids was shown.)

 ADDing FlameDoku method to replace piece move selection.

. normally which piece to move next was decided by player themself. But adding FlameDoku method, select the number on sudodu board to decide which piece will be move. player must soloved the sudoku correct first, if not they’ll pause the move one time or move the King.

. At real game, we’ll using level 4×4 sudoku. There’re 4 digital be used 1,3,5,9. When select them Pawn, Bishop/kNight, Rook, Queen will be moved next.

(Qinglong junior team training, using robot to record. )

(Using newest Flamechess set with chinese symbols)

 CHESS ROBOTIC SYSTEM building the sudoku board.

(pics from: FlameDoku 4×4 level robot play demo.)

 OPEN SOURCE the chess robotic system to github

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