We have a challenge too mine is I’m jealous of my gf past that is sexual

We have a challenge too mine is I’m jealous of my gf past that is sexual

But I get one because well but she don’t judge wy can’t I end up chatavenue 1 like that most i could emagine is her previous intercourse the people being bigger than me penis size or just how she claims I’m the second person to offer her a orgasm then she states things like I’m the first to ever repeat this or that and the reason why she really loves me personally is cause she never really had anybody show her just as much love when I do making her feel truly special and liked and she loves me personally personally i think stupid for composing this just don’t understand what to accomplish simply wonder then downfalls them to me to make me feel better cause what girl drives 2 hrs just to see a guy before she met me and have sex and not even dating cause of how he treated her and she have sex with him more than one not even dating like 9 times can I get some opinions about this please if she’s lying about her enjoyment with other guys

Justin bro your girlfriend appears exactly like mine LMAOOOO same situation gf features a past with several dudes from apps, drove 2 hours at 4 when you look at the daily to see some morning. Treats me personally like shit because of the real means and so I don’t even understand what you should do tbh.

Wow you will find therefore numerous manginas on this thread.

I’m going to drop a truth bomb for several you whipped manginas and Nazi feminists.

In the event that girl is not a virgin, KEEP THE FU#& AWAY. She’s currently damaged items.

Every guy knows of this to be real when they look deeply down. Whom really really wants to have sex to a whore that is dirty has received numerous men blow their load inside her. How can it feel once you understand a man pounded her until their nut sweat was dripping down her dirty gap?

Dudes are incredibly feminine and can do just about anything for pussy these full days because our culture is hyper-sexualized and devoid of virtue and morality. Continue reading