Customer Protections

Customer Protections

Freedom means strong customer defenses that don’t enable banking institutions to tear down or discriminate against their clients.

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Overhaul the Federal Arbitration Act that stacks the deck against customers and employees.

As soon as your charge card company rips you down, you ought to have the ability to every single day in court with a decent attorney, complete liberties, and public transparency. Generally in most cases, though, the ongoing business probably forced one to sign away that right. As customers, we ought to also have the ability to a reasonable procedure and strong protections that continue companies honest when you look at the beginning.

Other Important Policy Areas

  • Pass regulations that are strict predatory loan providers
  • Improve standards that are antitrust
  • Protect your legal rights over your data that are own
  • Revive the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s enforcement authority
  • Fight data that are big

Criminal Justice Reform

Freedom means a reasonable and racially-equitable justice system that is criminal.

Key Policy

Industry experts agree that far people that are too many locked up needlessly in the usa. Because of this, we’ve the incarceration rate that is highest in the entire world. We would still have the 28th highest incarceration rate globally–just after Nicaragua if we were to reduce this rate by 50. In certain full instances, incarceration really contributes to a rise in criminal activity. It’s not merely a matter of closing down prisons; we should also spend money on social services and diversion programs, how to find answers for homework and permit individuals to rehabilitate. We are in need of improved ways to deal with criminal activity and poverty, in both the justice that is criminal plus in culture. Continue reading