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. What’s the LAB? How to flame? Just Share the idea and do yourbest to make it come true. These words was another version of UP future.es.medadvice.net/clerel-skin/
. That’s right! This’s a newest story from Mr.Yuan. After FCRunion at Mar.8th, First Robotic system was Sudoku Robot system, and KID’s programming became the new focus. the smallest flamechess robot work with Cloud Chess board was growing up. Just 3 month, too many support for flamechess, for the работа future kids, was created. Flame LAB came from Flame Studio, now presents to kids and parents, A new place to let kids to practic their new idea, and Many teacher & parents work with them to speed up the success of kids. That’s the FlameLAB, new world of flamechess, from CJmaker.

 Diary of Birthday of CJmaker.net June,13th.

. May. 21th, After finished the Sudoku Robot show, we got a volunter, named “ZhiQing”, 12 years old.(3), He want to challenge AlphaGo(2), want to teach robot to do killer sudoku.

ZhiQing & his Killer Sudoku
killer killeranswer

Mr. Yuan then gave him a small project, “fix a old robot arm, and build a new laser demo system for sudoku”(2), and adding Kill Sudoku funtions. the old arm was another elder student, named “JiaGang” gaving to Me.

  1. Challenge AlphaGo – PBL program
  2. Laser Demo system for Sudoku.
  3. KIDs’Doku Upgrading…
    Sudoku Robot Competation System released.

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JiaGang & his Laser Demo Sudoku System

“To be success, perseverance is not enough.
Tough and Enjoy yourself, It’s the only way to do things well and happily!”

June.13th 2017
JiaGang Li

 A Newest PBL project – Rural construction Festival.

. PBL focuses on finding problems in real life, asking questions, and designing instructional processes based on problem solving. The project generated topics, because the Guizhou rural construction Festival Transportation Card Board. By solving the problem of cardboard transportation in reality, students are able to apply their knowledge and experience to practical life, analyze problems and solve problems, and complete transportation plans. It’s PBL about math, writing, life skill

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 1st Product by FlameLAB – Laser Demo system for Sudoku.

For the kids training, 2017/6/7 was released one cheapest laser demo system. And FengJiaYu Primary sudoku team made a good testing. Those kids now are learning the Scratch Program Lessons of AERFAYING. At the day, Volunters of FlameChess worked with those kids to play the laser demo sudoku system 3 hours above. (detail: show0716.pdf)

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 UR duino was base of the Newest Product – FCR station.

.  UR duino was the project name of FCR station, Its name look like CHESSduino, http://de.medadvice.net/hondrocream replace CHESS with UR because of UR was the leader brand of Industral Robot. Target of UR duino is the connect Industral Robot system with open source hardware platform, such as arduino.

Sudoku Robot Training Mode – in detail intoduce by chinese.
(this program registed copyright at CPCC)

 PBL on real – Tic Tac Toe 3d released at Sep.17th 2017.

. PBL on real will announced at the “Challenge AlphaGo” K12 AI programming Contest, at Zhongguancun Innovation & Entrepreneurship Festival 2017. then FlameLAB will named Flame AI laboratory to focus on AI education. There’re three main points to focuse.

  1. Mind Games & Toys, 3yrs – 7yrs.
  2. Programming on FlameRobot for educational function, 8yrs above.
  3. 3d printing on DIY flamechessset with Cloud Chess Board.

. And FlameLAB main team become a junior programmer team, focus on the FLAMErobot workstation, continue to finish the target sharing flamechess to more and more kids and his families.

. Good news: The FCR system had 1st business partner, to using the FlameChess Robotic system as Demonstration educational system. more game need to be developed, the robotic system will be more stonger.

. such as: TTT3d recording system, to recording more real competition, as the material for robotic leaning data.



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