How to UP? to share your mind and get more supporters

Write at the beginning of the article – What’s the meaning How to UP?
 The start of is come from the Object of BEIJING ACADAMY maker group. “Let the dream come true.” It’s the biggest UP for all kids. That’s an all kids wanted. So this article will talk about how to make the kids dream come to true. The answer is just show it for them, as a teacher, as a elder, just show them what’s your dream? what’s your efforts for the dream? and How to do it? That’s the How to UP what I mean.

Flamechess Gift Box was a Target I want to build at beginning of 2016. Why I using the word “TARGET” not dream, because that just smaller one in my whole dream – Let’s more and more kids happy!


That’s the contents of this article will talk about. I will using 2 sample Gift Boxes to show how to prepare them and WHO help me and HOW to build them.


– that’s the beginning… One father play chess with his son, just for fun, using dice to dicide which pieces to move next. Then share this method to community, then got thousands of parents support him, 2000 kids in community play together, happiness with whole year. Let more and more kids playing flamechess to get more happiness, became the thousands parents wishs. that’s the beginning of millions of flamechess.

the 1st father is our founder, Mr. Dejun Yuan.
who developed flamechess method to teach kids play easier
and share it to all parents,
then got lots of friend’s support.

hope the million flamechess is coming soon
this introduction in pdf file. [millionhope.pdf]

Hope the Million Flamechess is coming soon.

Introduction: This game is designed for parents, to learn the two mind games ( sudoku & chess ), play with their kids and enjoy happiness, then share it to others, kids, parents, …

Important: Parents learning the game by phone or pad first, then DIY the chessset and sudoku board to play with the kids.

Pls. Leave your kids outof the hardware. the hardware can’t instead your care and love. your kids need your time to share with them. It’s happiness time with you to do anything.


– This sentence was another parent said, he was a publisher, translating the book “Super Cooperators” to china. He saw the whole process, Dozens of juniors build a 6.6 meter high tower using cardboard in 1 hour, no pretesting, not know what the challenge before, just cooperating, trust each other. He found the same spirit in Flamechess Gift Tower, and same target with the course of BEIJING ACADAMY maker group.

flamechess tower
– All of these efforts, just for collect more meterials to make chess pieces and chess boards. Bottle caps be chess pieces, cardboard be chess boards. Also it’s big show and events for chess.

– And was established at 1st event, 6/13/2015. After one day, 1st Flamechess invitation was hold in BEIJING at 6/14/2015. At the time, STEM education was growing up in china.

REUSE                                                           ~  Flamechess Gift Box ver1.0
.      RECYCLE was the rules of FLAMEMIND®
.                  – a makerspace brand of FlameChess studio
.      who was the team to established BA maker group and

– Collect less meterials and more samples how to use them, is the kernel course of FLAMEMIND® makerspace. Workshop is its main activites. Any members, parents and teachers, kids and adults, work together study how to make the collection more useful. After one collection target done, members will using a box to package them, then send to other kids.

– 1st box was flamechess DIY meterials borned in 2013. It’s the 1st version of Flamechess Gift Box. and for the speical kids in YA’AN SICHUAN PROVIENCE where had earthquake at 2013 April.
 (3 books & many tools for teaching other kids to play flamechess and DIY chesssets can be REUSEed. using RECYCLE paper and cardboard box’s as DIY meterials. A blank dice can be REBUILD new rules of the game, such as flamechess. Also a portable chessset for teacher and a DIY sample were put in the box. )

mmexport1469596182678 mmexport1469596161691
– June 2013, our founder Mr.Yuan went to YA’AN after earthquake, playing flamechess with there kids. 20 boxes meterials used to DIY chess sets were bring to YA’AN. After game, the kids share local flowers to thanks Mr.Yuan. It’s called Gardenia, chinese named ZHI’ZI’HUA.

SCIENTIFIC CHESS Drifting activities
.       and First class at new term
.        the theme was “Sharing love & DIY

– At spring of 2016, there’re several boxes of 2nd version sending to YA’AN. And a big show of Flamechess Gift Tower using 400 cardboards which can be REUSE as 1200 chessboards, 1 can divide to 3 boards.


– Building chess tower, and using flamechess robot with a electric board to record the chess move, be named Scientific Chess by a beijing parent.  Some STEM meterials as gifts sending to YA’AN also.

.     that’s the Flamechess Gift Box 2.0

– A empty cardboard box was as TARGET using the rules REUSE, REBUILD, RECYCLE to treat. size was 32cm x 23cm x 5cm larger than A4 paper a little. There’re 3 functions of it:

1), Tell stories how happy was to share gift & Teach flamechess.
.  printed Flamechess totems and APPs QR-codes on bottom of box.

2), DIY a set of Flamechess with electric function,
.  using box meterial cardboard to paint normal one first,
.  then stick on RFID sensors to become Cloud Chess Board®,
.          friends & the best coach will come with you.

– Feng Jia Yu primary school has 150km far from center of BEIJING. It’s most far distance country side school in BJ. Elder coach YAO famous in china is teaching this chess team. Every month he’ll analysis chess training records. There’re 6 sets of Cloud Chess Board® in the school, 12 kids can record their training every times. Their teacher help them to use. These kids were playing chess with Danmark at 2016/9/22. It’s connected using the Cloud Chess Board®.

3), Draw the empty box by yourself, not only a chessset,
.  a handbook within how many Graffiti methods related flamechess.

– The Idea using a bottle cap as chess piece was created by Denmark, when I was invited to visit Denmark first times. After back to china, to teach flamechess for free , and bottle cap chess pieces as gift, won the community of 2000 children. Only 1 years after I gathering all supporters build one huge queen 5 meters high.
 (volunteers build chess tower to set the world record.)

– Using a bottle cap to draw a circle can graffiti as chess pieces, can also be turned into a clock. Which can be freely imagined any. This handbook is placed in the empty box, filled with all kinds of stationery (pencil, rubber, paper etc.). Using these tools to draw 1 pairs of 35 circles demo picture is the most important. This gift box can let the children play a while, using any object’s outline to draw a picture. This play is a part of the YA’AN visit 3 years later.

.      does CHILDREN want to DIY
.        & SHARE to other kids ?

What does YA’AN kids want to DIY?

– Thx BEIJING friends, YA’AN kids was using paper planes writing some words to send best wishes. One little girl at Class 1 Grade 3 was written down “Happy grow up & happiness forever.” There’re 30 planes be mailed to BJ, and serverl month later, these kids all received beijing gifts.
– On the lesson, when asked “What kind of gift do you want to DIY ?” the answers were written on black board.

 * many kinds of chess pieces, because I show them how to DIY flamechess pieces with diffrent method.
 * Paper cutting, Gift card,
 * many Kinds of models using cardboard, roket, submarine, tank, airplane, robot…
 * Paper folding, flower, rabit, duck … paper plane also.

– What’s in the box kids curious about? Surprise is a gift to them. the Flamechess story tells kids to share the most happiness.
– No matter how expensive the gift is, the simplest letters with hand writing also express gratitude to elder coach Yao.

What does FENG’JIA’YU kids want to DIY?

 * Greeting cards to draw their own graphics & words with audio & video to share thanks. That’s the multimedia card in kid’s imagination.

.     that’s the newest series of Flamechess Gift Box version 2.1

that’s traditional paper model making from an Elder coach book.

prepare a flamechess gift box and put in the model book and sample.

flamechess and FlameAR™ logos sticker was on the box.
model box handwriting is the font was a early style of calligraphy from generation of chinese charactor

 the Elder coach model book had sell out. The only way is show the 3D model in smart phone by AR technolgy. the APPs was developed by Beijing Rhino Technology. The 3D models build by other brother studio earlier, when 1st flamechess beijing invitation event at 2015/6/14. the flamechess gift tower model was 3d-printed as championship cup of the game. (pls. download 2nd pic above, scan qr-code to download apps and scan the flamechess logo on left-top corner, will display 1st pic effect. scan boat model outline will display 3rd pic effect. )


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~                                     How to UP stories:

30/8/2016 midnight:              Touch VR/AR

 when I was printing meterials for YA’AN at printing store. One Unity3D™ programmer was waiting his wife at the store. He like chess and take chat with me. When I thought play chess in VR game, he suggest me using AR technology could display the flat chess pieces as 3D model like international chess.

2/9/2016 back from YA’AN:         Best courses model making

 After I post pics of YA’AN kids, an Elder ship model coach suggest me there’re courses in his book was suit for kids. And gave me the sample pages above and said: “Any kinds of model all can be made by paperboard, robot, tank, airplane, building …” . the Elder coach was my middle school coach’s friends. I’m a model maker too.

3/9/2016 traditional version model box:  forward FlameAR direction

 Only 1 day after, the 1st version traditional model box was in sight. But no more books was the biggest problem to can’t share the game to more kids. I remembered the Unity3D programmer saids, forward FlameAR direction I told to myself.

12/9/2016 21:00 got first AR apps demo:    Start FlameAR project

 That Unity3D programmer in a star company, my student‘s baba in a 3D mobile game studio, the flamechess gift tower 3D model maker in a VR/AR training company, the outsourcing programmer … Lots of efforts latter, I got a dinosaur in AR apps from Beijing Rhino.

 outsourcing 3d model finished after 1 month. and waiting another month the project was restarting. FlameAR.apk was born at Nov.24 12:44. Testing report back to Rhino at Nov.25 13:36. 2nd version building at Nov.30 16:32.

1/12/2016 14:43 finish the work:        FlameAR released
 There’re 2 objects in APPs, one flamechess gift tower, one is boat model. using finger touch can zoom and rotate 3d models in smartphone. print object pic in paper can drawing by kids to filling colors and write some words on boat.(the model box graffiti page was designed at 12/30, final released at 12/1/2017. download the experience edition. )

this program will be a good sample as VR/AR education.
a best tools to talk about the stories of Flamechess gift tower.

Flamechess Imagination Box – GARDENIA BLOOMING. 
.     that’s the theme series of Flamechess Gift Box version 2.2

– Forever Young is meaning of Gardenia blooming (ZHI’ZI’HUA’KAI in chinese). There’s a same name song singing by china famous TV host at 2004. It’s written about graduates not willing to leave college life. I have never seen a gardenia but the song, before I went to YA’AN 2013. It’s not only the YA’AN children to teacher yuan’s love and gratitude, now it still has a new meaning, yearning happiness life and never give up.

 the gift box was
simulation flower by paper cutting

this work: flower & meterial prepare by ms. CAI
box layout & design by mr. YUAN
finished at 2016/11/28 14:20

How to UP stories:                                    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

 ems files 1072945321919 send from YA’AN  2016/9/7 14:07

– 30 paper planes written best wishes was mailed to BEIJING, from YA’AN to CHENG’DU, then to BEIJING 2 days after, it’s 2016/9/9 16:24:25. First picture above was headmaster of YA’AN school written down “Let the children’s dream take off from here.” and signed name, Mr.Yuan signed on the same plane to remember the day 2016/9/1.
 (you can check ems number on subtitle above for detail.)

National Day Gifts for YA’AN classmates  2016/9/30 7:58am

– This post is the CHUI’YANG’LIU primary school moral education teacher ms.YUE said in WeChat. Yesterday, 25 boxes gifts have been mailed to YA’AN. After more than half a month prepare, the Beijing children has send to these gift… The paper plane, paper cutting, clay sculpture, origami, hand-painted cards, bookmarks, favorite toys… These are not the standard of the flamechess gift box. (REUSE REBUILD RECYCLE and Meterials with the Sample, tools is optional.)

– One box full of stationery and a pair of paintings which author has heard the story of the flamechess gift box from Mr.YUAN. Because at June Father’s Day, held a charity activity for YA’AN in these kids community to collect toys and DIY meterials with games. The community is BAI’ZI’WAN where was the source of flamechess.

a ball of GARDENIA BLOOMING 1st version 2016/10/19

– In the sample gift ball has one Gardenia. It was Ms. CAI’s work we meet just 1 week. She like the GARDENIA story very much and made the sample for me using one night. After I post the sample pic, JIU’XIAN’QIAO’ primary school reply me will testing the courses.

Starting the project after 1st testing, 2016/10/26

– I prepared a Flamechess Gift Box, which was brought to DK in the middle of last month. After the JIU’XIAN’QIAO testing, we went to ms.cai’s studio. After 1 hours of discussion, the project started, using simulation flower by paper cutting to tell flamechess story, each box must be placed in a GARDENIA.

Easy to Duplicate the Box by kindgarden teacher, 2016/12/5
at the international volunter’s day.

– WISDOM GARDEN was neibor kindegarden of CHUI’YANG’LIU. for invitating CHUI’YANG’LIU chess team brother players to play with WISDOM’s kids. Serveral teacher preparing meterial and DIY sample flowers in the morning.

– from 10am to 12:00am take the last photo, 2 hours, welldone. I bring the box to CUI’YANG’LIU immeiately. Ms.YUE very like the gift which made by me, then ordering 7 boxes for activity at end of year.

HAPPY NEWYEAR with 200 kids at 2016/12/30 10:02:56am
and with 10 parents volunters


– These phots is in the wechat of ms.CAI . We’re not have time to take pictures, because we work with volunters to teach 7 classes. It’s time 9 o’clock on the wall. The kids smile was the biggest gifts for us and volunters.

– some kids in pic was the classmate of my son in kindgarden. when flamechess was beginning at community, I was together with them. next to me there’s a sweet girl with red cloth. her mama is our teams volunters in the community BAI’ZI’WAN. Parents are our team’s base.

– the newest gift box must send to YA’AN right away. That’s version 2.21. All in one. I can talk flamechess stories 3 days & nights using it.

According to the swadesh list, published by the american linguist morris swadesh in the 1970s, there are about 100 cheap research papers of these core words, including fish, heart, fire, sun, and i.